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Israel Deposit

Dates:  Feb 25 - Mar 5, 2020 (10 Days)
Begins Jerusalem OR Eilat, Ends Tel Aviv
Cost:  $3300   Single Supplement $600
Early Pay Discount ($300) available until June 25

Israel, “The Holy Land”, is sacred ground to the three great monotheistic religions of the world.  At Imprint Tours we value the proximity factor - the emotional response that derives from a physical connection to a place or culture.  While a consideration in all our destinations, nowhere is this more true than the land of Israel.  Traveling with Intent is obvious and easy here.  Even for those not raised in a religious environment it is impossible not to be moved by visits to historic Christian, Muslim, and Jewish sights.  To walk the stones that were tread by Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammed is the ultimate proximity experience.  But Israel is more than its remarkable religious heritage.  You will also explore the lunar-like landscape of Timna National Park, the Red Canyons of Eilat, the Crusader tunnels of Acre, and the Roman ruins of Caesarea.

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