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Taxes & Fees

Iceland Deposit

Dates:  Sept 21 to Sept 29, 2019  (9 Days) Begins/Ends Reykjavik
Cost:  $4200  Single Supplement $900
Final Payment Due:  June 21

Iceland may well be the globe’s premier natural wonderland, with a staggering array of natural spectacle.  The diversity displayed on this tiny island nation is breathtaking:  geothermal wonders that rival Yellowstone, volcanoes that contend with Java, glaciers that equal Alaska, mountains that match the Alps, and more waterfalls per mile than any area on the planet.  Add to that list the potential of seeing the Aurora Borealis and you have an incomparable lineup, all experienced in just over a week.  In addition to this symphony of environmental splendor, Iceland boasts a stirring musical tradition, an engaging culture of overtly friendly locals, and a rich literary heritage.

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  • The deposit is refundable for 30 days upon receipt

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